Friday, April 10, 2015

There's good news tonight! British researchers say overweight people are at reduced risk for dementia

I'm sourcing the BBC here, not the Onion, and the BBC, in turn, links to The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The abstract of the article specifically states, "Being underweight in middle age and old age carries an increased risk of dementia over two decades. Our results contradict the hypothesis that obesity in middle age could increase the risk of dementia in old age."

The researchers don't know why this is.

Unfortunately, I can guess: A lot of us who are overweight in middle age die from something else before we can get soft in the noggin. Especially if stair-climbing is involved.

But who cares? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we avoid drooling on ourselves in a nursing home. When I waddle home tonight, I will not hesitate to take that extra slice of pizza....


Anonymous said...

Curmy, because of medical problems and whatnot I haven't been able to visit your blog for over 2 years. this week I played catch up and have literally spent hours reading your words.. I thought it would be foolish to try and leave comments on all of them but I wanted you to know that you still have that certain something it takes to write a great story.. I was most happy to learn that older daughter was able to have her beautiful baby.. congratulations to all of you.. looking forward to reading many more of your words. I'm curious to know if you have any idea at all of Who I am?

Steve Skinner said...

Be sure to wash that extra slice of pizza down with a cold beer or maybe two!