Saturday, July 06, 2013

Everyone travels in Curmudgeon's family except Long Suffering Spouse and me

It's a holiday weekend and lots of people are traveling.

In our family, everyone (except Long Suffering Spouse and me) was out of state yesterday. Middle Son was finishing up a week in Michigan with his girlfriend Margaret... and her entire family. That sounds rather serious to me. He'll be back today... because he's supposed to stand up to a wedding. Symbolic? Perhaps....

Older Daughter and Hank go on vacation next week, not this week, so they were at home -- but they live in Indiana. (They'll probably wind up in Illinois -- and maybe in our house -- for part of their vacation. But that's next week's problem.)

Olaf had Thursday and Friday off, and he wanted to go to Minneapolis which, according to him, is for Norwegians like Miami is for Cubans. So he and Younger Daughter, the baby, and about 5,000 tons of equipment (99.99% of which was for the baby) drove to the Twin Cities to explore. Youngest Son went to a friend's summer home yesterday in Wisconsin.

And Oldest Son called his mother Thursday night and asked if we were going anywhere. Us? she asked. No, she said.

Oh, good, said Oldest Son. He and Abby had just decided to drive south for the weekend... maybe as far as Atlanta. "That sounds nice," said Long Suffering Spouse. "Can we bring our dog by around 6:30 Friday morning?" Oldest Son asked.

So yesterday, at some point, all our kids were in different states.

And we were -- are -- dog-sitting.

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