Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Everything I need to know I get from the comics, part 4,788

Things are really, really busy 'round here at the moment, so I haven't time to write anything non-work-related. But... while checking my work email and waiting for attachments to download I have had time (too darned much time... my computer is sooooooooo slow) to do a little browsing around the web. In one of these tours around the Ether, I came across this entry on Abstruse Goose (click image to enlarge).

That's a Poindexter-type, not a Harry Potter-type, communing with a Gandalf- or Merlin-type wizard in the cartoon above. If you didn't enlarge the illustration, despite my suggestion that you do so, you may not be able to read the little postscript:
Dear Book Stores,
Please stop putting fantasy and science fiction books into the same category.
I've often wondered why bookstores do that... they don't mix romance books with horror just because there may be heaving bosoms in both.... Why should fantasy and science fiction be shelved together just because you need an imagination to read either genre?

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landgirl said...

Hmm, well Cur for that matter how can we really differentiate between any classes of books--they are all works of imagination. I have tried to sort my own books logically and they just re-select their own shelf or floor companions when I turn my back.