Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I thought "Gasoline Alley" was closed

Gasoline Alley was one of my favorite comics growing up -- not hard-edged or hard-hitting, granted, but gentle and good-hearted. And it was multi-generational, where characters age with the readers, blazing a trail for current favorites which use this device, like For Better or For Worse. Gasoline Alley provided smiles, as opposed to guffaws. Not that the Curmudgeon is opposed to guffaws -- but I, too, am aiming for smiles here. (If you find here an occasional guffaw, so much the better.)

Anyway, Gasoline Alley was dropped by the Chicago Tribune ages ago, but apparently not discontinued. I just found it -- looking for something else of course. I've set up a link to follow it for awhile; I hope it's still as nice.

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