Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Islamic Jihad won't join Hamas in Palestine government


A wire service report confirmed the obvious this morning.

Hamas had offered to share power with Fatah earlier, despite its landslide victory.

Don't you get it? These guys don't want the responsibility of governing. If they accept this responsibility they might have to deliver something: Services. Jobs. The destruction of Israel -- or, gulp, peace.

Too bad for them. They swaggered through the streets. They shot their rifles in the air. They boasted. And now they must suffer the consequences: They must undertake the responsibility of the welfare of their people.

And there's only one way for them to deliver anything: They must make peace with Israel. They must live in harmony with their fellow People of the Book.

Hamas may not learn this lesson. They probably won't.

But their successors may.

We can only watch and pray.


Anonymous said...

So what are you saying? Are you suggesting that the U.S. continue to provide foreign aid to an avowed terrorist group?

The Curmudgeon said...

No. We're under no obligation to continue funding them -- indeed their candor has made it easy for us to cut them off. But we should still treat with them -- accept them as the duly elected leaders of their people -- and interact with them as required. The Palestinian people made a choice; choices have consequences.