Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why does nothing work like its supposed to?

No, not a pseudo-Andy Rooney rant.

Just some observations: Last night, attempting to leave the office, only one of four elevators was working. (I believe that's the proper verb tense in that usage.) I waited in the elevator lobby for several minutes (and this was well past the rush hour) before a car finally arrived.

Then to the subway -- where I waited and waited some more. An elderly oriental man was playing the violin, accompanied by taped Christmas music. Sometimes he had the melody; sometimes the melody had him. This made the wait longer. When the train finally arrived, it ran express to Logan Square -- which made up some of the time, but it was still a very lengthy trip home.

And this morning: It's our turn this week to drive my younger daughter and her classmate to school (their daily orchestra practice is before school -- and the bus would arrive too late). Younger Daughter was ready on time; her classmate was on time; and even I was ready to go. We left at the normal time, just after 6:30 a.m. But the trip that has taken 45 minutes as recently as two weeks ago -- leaving at the same time, understand -- today took 70. It was nothing in particular; it was just everything: Heavy traffic, stops for three trains, a clueless guy driving 50 in the passing lane on the Edens even though traffic had opened up in front of him.

And now: I sign in to see if yesterday's post was up on the blog. It wasn't. I had trouble signing in. But I did, eventually. I find that the post must be up somewhere; it received a comment. But it's not here on my machine. At least not on the "front page" of the blog -- although I found it in the archive.

So I don't rant, I lament: Why does nothing work like it's supposed to? (The rant, of course, will follow. If this posts. If indeed I can get back on.)

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